With A/B testing, you can test the popular idea from multiple ideas for advertising your product. 

Different versions of an ad are called as variants. Using A/B testing, you can create different variants by changing the look and feel, and arrangement of elements of the original ad.

A/B testing divides the traffic for different ad versions to analyzes them for conversion rates and sales. The ad variant with the highest conversion rates and sales is made live.

The following parameters play an important role to select a champion ad:

  • Weight: Weight value(in percentage) determines the chance of displaying the ad live. You can insert several set values for different ad variants but the total weight value for all ads should not be greater than 100%.
  • Conversion: The goals achieved per impression.
  • Confidence: The calculated z score defines the confidence value(in percentage) of the variant. The column reports the statistical significance of the conversion rate. It must be 95% or greater to consider it as significant, i.e., marking the said variant as champion might improve the campaign's performance.