The champion creative is the original creative based on which ad variants are created.

On a champion creative, you can perform the following:

  • Publish the champion creative
  • Generate ad tags for the champion creative
  • Preview the champion creative
  • Edit the champion creative
  • Set goals for the champion creative
Publish the champion creative

You need to publish a champion creative to set it live on an ad network.

Generate an ad tag for the champion creative

Ad tag allows you to deliver an ad to an ad network to make it go live.

To generate a tag

  • To learn more, refer to Ad Tags.
Preview a champion creative

You can view the appearance of a champion ad at any stage. Previewing helps you to check proper working, and look and feel of your creative.

To preview the creative

  • For more information on creative preview, refer to Previewing Creatives.
Editing a champion Creative

You can edit the information details for a champion creative.

To edit the creative

  • For more information on editing a creative, refer to Editing Creatives.

Set goals for a champion creative

Goals are the various actions in a creative. You can set different goals (such as clicks, visit page, submit form and so on) for different variants.

To set goals for an ad

  1. On the Campaign tab, click the required campaign name. The creatives from the selected campaign appear.
  2. Hover on the required creative to optimize for A/B testing.
  3. Click   .
  4. Click AB Test. The A/B Testing page appears.
  5. On A/B Testing page, hover on the champion creative.
  6. Click  . The expanded options appear.

Expanded options — Creative A/ B Test

  1. Click Set Goals. The Set Goals dialog box appears.

Set Goals

  1. Select the events from the list.
  2. Click Confirm Setup to set the creative goal.