Variant refers to the different versions of a creative.

On the variant creative, you can:

  • Create a variant creative
  • Add weight to a variant creative
  • Publish a variant creative
  • Preview a variant creative
  • Edit a variant creative
  • Mark variant as a champion
  • Archive a variant creative
  • Set goals for a variant creative

Create Variant

You can create a variant of the champion creative in either of the two ways:

  • Blank template
  • Copy the Champion creative

To create a variant

  1. On the Campaign tab, click the required campaign name. The creatives from the selected campaign appear.
  2. Hover over the desired creative to optimize for A/B testing.
  3. Click .
  4. Click AB Test. The A/B Testing page appears.
  5. Click Add a Variant. The New Variant dialog box appears.

New Variant

  1. Type the creative name in the Variant Name box.
  2. To create the variant, select the required option: 
    1. Select New Creative to create the variant with the blank template.
    2. Select Copy of the Champion to create the variant by copying the master ad.
  3. Click Add Variant

Add weight to variant

Adding weight enables you to split the traffic for the creative variant. When you change the weight of any variant, the weight of other variants auto adjust.

Total weight of all creative variants with the champion creative is 100%.

To add weight to a variant creative

  1. Create a variant creative.
  2. Type percentage weight for a variant creative in the Weight column.

The weight for variant creative is added and weight for champion creative is adjusted.

Publishing a variant creative

You need to publish a variant ad to optimize A/B testing process.

Preview the variant creative

You can preview variant ad.

To preview a creative

  • For more information on previewing an ad, refer to Previewing Creatives.

Modify variant creative

You can edit the information details for a variant ad.

To edit an ad

  • For more information on editing an ad, refer to Editing Ads.

Mark variant as a Champion

You can replace champion creatives with any of the variant. The variant marked as a champion for improving the performance of the campaign.

To mark variant as a champion

  1. Create a variant ad.
  2. On A/B Testing page, hover over the variant.
  3. Click .
  4. Click Mark As Champion

Archive Variant

You can store unused variant as an archive. Archived variants don’t participate in A/B testing process.

To archive a variant

  1. Create a variant.
  2. On A/B Testing page, hover over the variant ad.
  3. Click .
  4. Click Archive

Set goals for a Variant

You can assign various actions(known as Goals in A/B testing) such as click, submit form, visit page, etc. to an ad. To monitor the performance of various actions of the creative, refer to Goals. Goals enable you to figure actions popular among the ad viewers.

To set goals for a variant

  • To learn more about setting goals for the creative variant, refer to Set goals for a champion creative topic in Champion creative.