Creative is the building block of your campaign. Creatives contain platform and format definition. 

Creative ID is a numeric string  that uniquely identifies a creative within Studio.

To create a new creative

  1. On the All Creative page, click . The New Creative view appears. 

New Creative view

  1. Type the name of the creative in the Creative Name box.
  2. Select a campaign from the Campaign list. * This is optional.
    Click Reset to clear the campaign name and reselect the desired campaign.
  3. Click the Platforms option button to select the targetted creative device. The available options are:
    1. Desktop 
    2. Mobile 
    3. Tablet
  4. Select the Format for the creative. Formats define the behavior of the creatives. The various formats are: 
    1. Banner
    2. Expandable
    3. Interstitial 
    4. More Formats
  5. Click the Size list to select from the available creative sizes.
    Type the creative dimension(in pixel) in the Banner Dimensions box. 
  6. Click Save As Draft to save the creative.
    Click Go to Canvas to design the creative.

The new creative appears on the All Creative page.

Here's an example: