Teams are a group of people who'll work together on the different creative's for a brand.

To view your team

  1. On the People tab, click the Teams tab. The Teams view appears.

On the Teams tab, you can:

  1. Create a New Team
  2. Filter team by People and Brands
  3. Search Teams
  4. Sort the teams by team name
  5. Add a team to all brands
  6. More options to modify or remove team

To add your team to all brands

  1. On the Teams view, click   . The Add to All brands pop up appears.
  2. Click  

To modify the team

  1.  Click   and then click  . The General Settings view appears.
  2. Type the team name.
  3. Click   to add an image.
  4. Click Save Changes.

To delete the team

  1. Click  and then click  . The Delete Team pop up box appears.

  1. Type DELETE in the box.
  2. Click Delete.

Deletion of a team does not delete the people in the team. You need to deactivate people to remove people.