If you'd like to modify or personalize your Studio account, here's how to do it:

To modify your account settings 

  1. On the home page, hover over the account details and click Settings.

Settings in Studio

  1. On the Account Settings page, perform the following actions:
    1. Type the account name in the Name box
    2. To modify the password
      • Click Change Password.
      • Type the current password, new password, and retype the new password.
      • Click Change.
    3. Type your phone number in the Phone box. *This is an optional field.
    4. Click https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/6qq8cPJiZWs39jqrfUBHifMuDdkNnsTnhoK_56UpgZg/dDi46Zn5neW8iTpM0YAVBQUw3W1MeIGhyn5NeWs0Cdg/Upload%20Image-L-4.png to add an image to your account. *This is an optional field.
  2. Click Save Changes.