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Workspace is the empty white space that is similar to a slide in a PowerPoint presentation. This is where you drag and drop the elements to develop your creative. You can have more than one canvases. Drag and drop different elements in this space to start developing your creative.

Following are the workspace properties that you can change:

General Section

Workspace Name: Displays the name of the workspace which you can change.

Workspace Height & Width: Displays the dimensions of the workspace. You can change these values.

Background Section

Solid: Allows you to give a solid background for your creative.

Gradient: Enables transcendence of different colors on your background.

Opacity: Allows you to configure opacity of the workspace background.

Rotation Lever & Angle: Allows you to configure the transcendence angle of a gradient background.

Behavior Section

Fixed: Keeps the creative fixed.

Responsive: Makes the creative responsive to different layouts.

Add New Layout: Allows you to add breakpoints to render the creative for different layouts.

Transition Section

Allows you to configure how different pages display. For more information on different page transitions, See Page Transitions.

Note: A transition effect cannot be applied to the Main Banner/Page.

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