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The layout type of a banner is always fixed. The container of the banner will be the same across multiple layout sizes. When you develop a creative for one banner size and want it to render perfectly across different banner sizes, select Responsive. Canvas selects the best possible resolution for your creative.

Important: If you want your creative to render perfectly across different banner sizes, Bonzai recommends you to develop one creative each for the following layout types:

  • Portrait

  • Square

  • Landscape

Canvas allows you to configure the layout type of the workspace. You can select from the following options:

  • Fixed: Select this option to keep the container of the creative fixed. This option is best when you want to render the creative to a specific size.

  • Responsive: Select this option to make the container of the creative fluid. It means that when you develop a creative of specific size and if it is rendered across different banner sizes, Canvas adapts the original design in the best possible manner within the new size for your creative.

  • Add New Layout (Responsive): Add new layouts when you want the elements in your creative to behave in a specific way across different banner sizes.
    For example, in the following images the user wants the rectangle and circle element to be positioned differently for creatives that are rendered for portrait and landscape sizes respectively. In such cases, two separate layouts are created one each for portrait and landscape layout types. When the creative is rendered, depending on the banner size, the respective layout will be rendered.

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