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You can use a NearBy element when you want to show your audience the distance for the nearest store based on their location.

Configuring the label

The content displayed is controlled using the label. It has support for multiple data placeholders that are replaced with dynamic data when the creative is rendered.

The following template variables can be used in the label,

  • distance: Distance of the user from the nearest store.

  • streetname: The value of the "Street Name" column provided in the spreadsheet.

  • info: The value of the "Additional Information" column provided in the spreadsheet.

  • title: The value of the "Name/Title of the Place" column provided in the spreadsheet.

  • unit: The unit value configured for the element.

    All the text settings applicable to the Text element are also available for the label.

Data Source

Store data can be configured by uploading a spreadsheet containing the store data. The format of the data is provided in the template, which can be download from the upload section.

The columns in the template are as follows.

How does it work?

The Nearby element tries to find the location using the user's device and if it fails to determine the location using the device, it uses the user's IP address to determine the approximate location.

It then finds the closest store using the latitude and longitude of the stores provided in the spreadsheet.

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