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Brands can now make their digital creative immersive using 360º views of their products.

A static photo on a creative isn’t really interactive and it really doesn’t show your product from all possible angles. It doesn’t compete with holding a product in your hands. Hence, companies are moving towards using 360º views to show their products. With PhotoSphere in Bonzai Studio, you can make users interact with your product on the ad, as if they were holding the product in their hands. A decent 360º view helps you to simulate an experience that your audience would get in a physical store!

A 360º view is surprisingly simple. It’s just a bunch of photos of your product shot at different angles. It’s easy and affordable to create beautiful 360° product photographs with a smartphone or DSLR camera. Most of the popular photo-editing tools help you edit 360º photos.

We strongly feel that brands in automotive, real estate, hotels, and lifestyle would benefit the most by showcasing a 360º view of their product offering.

In a connected world, where customer’s first impression of the brand and the product is increasingly being created online, Bonzai wants to empower the brand the ability to provide a deeper and immersive creative experience that a user would generally get in a physical store.

Key highlights of this feature:

  • Easy to implement - It's extremely easy to implement a 360 view of your product in your digital creative using PhotoSphere

  • Immersive - It's Gyro-enabled and helps in providing an immersive creative experience on mobile devices

  • Informative & interactive - You can add additional product information at relevant spots on your 360º product view to make it informative

Here's a quick tutorial on how to use the PhotoSphere element in the Bonzai Studio.

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