Canvas 2.0 Overview
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Your customers are looking for an interactive experience every time they see your creative. Delight them through an animated content with Bonzai’s Canvas. Earlier, users were able to create animation and visual effects but it involved complex hand-coding. Now with our Canvas you can create great visual effects and beautiful animation with absolute ease.

Canvas includes designer-friendly tools for enhanced effects and requires no complex coding. It creates best-in- class HTML5 creatives that work seamlessly on all modern browsers and mobile devices including iPads and iPhones. It is a simple yet highly advanced tool for developing creatives.

All our highlight features such as the Timeline, Inline Video player, Store Locator, Galleries, and Maps are highly customizable. These features are already tested across different platforms, devices, and environments to ensure smooth functioning.

What’s more? Canvas allows responsive design that enables you to develop a single creative adaptable to multiple screen sizes. Canvas comes with a Preview option for different screen sizes that shows the designer exactly how it is going to be visible to the end user. Every creative that is saved comes with a QR code. Just scan the QR code using your device and it would render the master layout.

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