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The panel on the top of the screen contains the following buttons:

Name of the Creative: Displays the name of the creative that you are working on.

Undo: The undo button allows you to revert changes you have made on the workspace.

Redo: The redo button allows you to redo the changes you made on the workspace. For the redo button to be enabled, you should have performed at least 1 undo.

Zoom: The zoom button allows you to zoom in on the workspace. Zooming in on workspace does not affect the panel.

  • The default view is at 100%.

  • The maximum zoom-in aspect is 300%.

  • The maximum zoom-out aspect is 25%.

Main Layout: This is the main layout of your creative.

Additional Layout: This is the additional layout that you create from the Properties section on the right-hand side of the screen.

Save: Clicking Save, saves the changes made to the creative to the server so that the next time you open it, you will all your changes.

Preview: Preview option displays how the rendered creative will look as and when the creative is developed. You can also see the creative across multiple layout sizes by clicking at the Banner sizes layout button on the Preview screen. Every creative that is saved comes with a QR code. Just scan the QR code and it will open the creative on your handheld device.

Publish: Publish is an action which enables you to push the new creative and the changes to an existing creative to the live environment. For example, if a creative is already being rendered in live environment and you change any element property, clicking the Publish icon will make the changes live instantly.

Share: Sharing option enables you to quickly share the preview link of the creative.

Important: A creative must be published in order to generate a tag. Creatives that are just saved and not published, do not show up for tag generation.

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