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The Timeline feature introduced in Canvas allows you to manage the animation of different elements/assets that you have added to the workspace. Timeline doubles up as a layer panel and you can control the animations that you add for your creatives. You can add events, start or pause animations and can control the speed at which the creative is rendered.

Elements of a Timeline

Goto Start: Moves the play head to the start of the timeline.

Play Head: Displays the state of the creative at that time.

Play: Plays the animation on the workspace itself.

Easing animations do not show on the workspace. To view the easing animation, you must save the creative and click Preview.

Repeat Animation: Allows you to manage the repetition of the animation.

Timeline Timing:

  • Current Time: Displays the timing of the play head’s position on the timeline.

    Timing of the keyframe cannot be more than the value of the total time of the timeline

  • Total Time: Total time of the timeline.

    You can assign a value between 1 to 3600 seconds to the timeline


Allows to manipulate the speed of the set animation without moving the keyframes. Example: If you change the speed to 2, the frames are rendered at twice the speed.

  • Minimum Speed: 0.2

  • Maximum Speed: 4

Collapse: Allows you to collapse the timeline.

Expand: Allows you to expand the timeline.

Events: Fires these events at the specified time once the timeline is started.

Even though you can add an event before adding a keyframe, your event will get triggered only if there is a keyframe for at least one of the element on the timeline.

Layer Name: Displays the name of the element that you have added to the workspace.

Hide: Allows you to hide an element on the workspace.

Important: Elements hidden on the workspace can be seen in the rendered creative.

Lock: Allows you to lock the layer.

Keyframe: Displays the state within the animation. It also holds the properties of the element at that particular time.

Horizontal Scroll bar: Allows you to scroll through the timeline horizontally.

Vertical Scroll bar : Allows you to vertically scroll and view the elements on the timeline.

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