Elements can be managed in Timeline. When an element is added to the workspace, the respective elements name is displayed on the left-hand side of the timeline. You can hide, lock, animate, or change the properties of the elements.

Selecting Elements

In cases where multiple elements are overlapping, selecting a specific element can be tricky. To select an element on the workspace, click the element name on the left-hand side of the timeline.

Hiding and Locking Elements

Elements that are locked using the lock button on the Layers panel cannot be selected or moved on the scene, and their properties cannot be changed in the properties panel.

Important: Elements hidden on the workspace can be seen in the rendered creative.

  • To hide an element, click the hide check-box of the element you wish to hide. On the timeline, a hidden element displays the hidden icon.

  • To lock an element, click the lock check box of the element you wish to lock. On the timeline, a locked element displays the lock icon. Clicking on the top lock or hide icon locks or hides all the layers respectively.

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