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Action enables you to respond to user interactivity with the creative. In the following section, we'll add a click-through URL to the creative.

To add action

  • On the workspace, select an image. A green selection highlight appears on the active asset.

  • Click the Events icon.

    Events pane

  • In the Event list, click on the Click/Tap option. The Action list box appears.

    Events pane with selected event

  • In the Action list, click Open URL option. The URL box appears.

    Open URL β€” Action list options

  • In the URL box, type the relevant URL.

    URL box

Note: While working with click through options, you can do the following:

  • To add delay to the action result, type the time (in seconds) in Delay Time box.

  • You can restrict the action result by device type. By default, all popular devices are selected.

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