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The grouping feature allows us to combine multiple objects on the canvas into a single group. After the individual objects have been combined into a group, the group can be selected by clicking on any individual object in the group. This lets us move and edit a set of elements together, at the same time.

To group elements in your design:

  • Select the elements you want to group. Alternatively, hold down the Shift key while you click each desired objects one at a time by clicking on the elements while pressing Shift.

  • Right Click on the elements and Group selected elements.

You can recognize the Group selected object by the green selection border outlining it; the entire selected group is outlined with gray selection borders and on the top left label with its naming.

  • Double-click on the group to see elements inside the group and to edit the elements inside the group.

  • To deselect the group click on the canvas or click the close button on the tab of the group.

To ungroup elements:

  • Select the grouped elements.

  • Right Click on the group and Ungroup the elements

  • Deselect elements by clicking anywhere on the canvas.


All elements can be grouped together.

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