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Preview Enhancement - May 9, 2019
Preview Enhancement - May 9, 2019
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We've made enhancements to the preview screen based on both functionality and performance.

Faster Load Time

The performance of the page has been worked upon for a faster load time. An improvement by over 40 percent!

Screen Resolutions

The other major enhancement is the availability of multiple screen resolutions to choose from for each device type.

With this change, all the devices load at a zoom value of 100%. The exception to this being Desktop TruSkin (DTS) and Portal where the devices loads at 70% to avoid the need to change the zoom value constantly.

Also, the default screen resolution for desktop is 1440x900. This is because it is the most popular resolution and it also helps visualise if the content for the DTS is within the safe zone.

Publisher Content Width

On desktop devices, the dummy website content width will be restricted to 1280px. Only for Desktop TruSkin (DTS), the default width is 1000px and can then be altered using the 'Publisher Content' widget on the preview screen.

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