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Site widths vary between 1000px and 1280px, TruSkin is a responsive product which adapts to different site content widths. The left and right skin will adjust relative to the background to accommodate, please ensure the design allows for this.

To understand the creative better, refer to the PSD given below.

The following example displays the creative rendered on a website.

Sample creative β€” on large screen display and on laptop

Sample creative on scroll β€” on large screen display and on laptop

DSP & SSP console approvals

To run the creative or ads via Private Marketplaces (PMPs), every Supply-Side Platform (SSP) and Demand-Side Platform (DSP) has separate approval processes.

As per AppNexus SSP approval policy, the Desktop TruSkin should be declared as 1800x1000. The 1800x1000 image should show up for approval of the unit on The Trade Desk (TTD) console.

On the canvas properties pane, under the Page Type Settings panel, you need to upload the 1800x1000 image along with a click-through*.

* The click-through URL is compulsory to avoid rejection on the DSP and SSP console.

Programmatic Console Preview option on the Properties pane in Canvas

The additional 1800x1000 image would appear only on the console environment of TTD or AppNexus and does not appear anywhere within the rendered ad. The actual ad will appear on the publisher sites.

The following screenshot displays the console preview of the ad units on DSP and SSP.

DSP & SSP Console approvals β€” Programmatic

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