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Why is my Desktop TruSkin (DTS) creative not rendering properly?
Why is my Desktop TruSkin (DTS) creative not rendering properly?
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Your Desktop TruSkin unit may not render correctly due to any of the following reasons:

Reason 1. You have opted for 'iFrame' while creating a placement for the tag.

Desktop TruSkin is a unit which cannot work in an iFrame. Hence, when creating a placement for Desktop TruSkin please be sure to select ‘No’ in the option of ‘Supports iFrame’ as given in the screenshot.

Reason 2. You have flighted the Desktop TruSkin ad tag on sites that are not certified to run the unit.

Desktop TruSkin unit is a custom unit that needs to be tested on the publisher's sites and pages. It cannot be run on a publisher that is not certified. Please reach out to your customer success manager or Bonzai's integration manager in case you want to run the Desktop TruSkin unit on a non-certified publisher. They'll help you get the format certified.

Reason 3: You have changed the 'page type' settings of the Desktop TruSkin unit in the Studio Canvas

These properties mentioned here are default properties of the Desktop TruSkin that takes care of serving on certified publishers. Please do not change these settings. If these settings are changed, the format may not render correctly.

These settings are to be used only when you want to create an individual Desktop TruSkin creative for a particular publisher outside the default specs. E.g. Publisher A is requesting for a Desktop TruSkin creative with header height as 300 px and not 250 px. You can change the header height from this panel. However, you'll need to test the ad unit with Publisher A. Also, you cannot run this ad on other certified publishers.

Reason 4: The certified site's structure has undergone a change post certification of the Desktop TruSkin

The Desktop TruSkin may not work correctly on a certified site if the structure of the site has undergone a change post certification. Any changes on the site's structure requies the format to be certified again.

Do contact your Bonzai Customer Success Manager or Bonzai Integrations Manager in case you face any issues in rendering of the ad.

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