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Frequently Asked Questions - Desktop TruSkin (DTS)
Frequently Asked Questions - Desktop TruSkin (DTS)
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1. How does the Desktop TruSkin format work?

Desktop TruSkin format from Bonzai Studio enables you to place your creative’s message on the header, footer, and around the publisher content area. Site visitors are guaranteed to view the creative irrespective of the publisher content.

For example, on publisher page load, you can view the header and the skins of the creative. Browsing to the bottom of the site, you can view your message on the site footer.

Desktop TruSkin

2. How do I open the Desktop TruSkin in the Bonzai Studio?

To open a creative in the Desktop TruSkin format:

  1. On the Creative tab, click New Creative. The New CreativeScreen appears.

  2. Select the High Impact or Search.

    New Creative Screen

  3. Select the Desktop TruSkin Format option.

  4. On the Form, fill the Creative Details and click Build Creative to go to Canvas. The Desktop TruSkin format appears on the workspace.


You can type the format name on the Size list box, the autocomplete dropdown enables you to find the format faster.

3. What are the default design specs of the Desktop TruSkin?

The Desktop TruSkin is available as a single unit for building a creative in the Studio. All the parts of the creative such as the skins, header, and footer can be designed simultaneously.

The default canvas size of the creative is 1920x1080 pixels.

On the canvas, by default, the publisher content area or the placeholder is considered to be 1000 pixels. Ad content placed on the publisher content area will be pushed behind the publisher content area and the content would not appear on the ad.

The format layout contains an area marked as Indicative Laptop Safe Area on each of the side of the assumed publisher width for the publisher content. This constraint keeps your ad content from being cut off by laptop's small screen.

Sample creative — on large screen display and on laptop

Sample creative on scroll — on large screen display and on laptop


When you build the creative, position your content (such as catchphrase, call to action, etc.) to lie within the safe area.

Sample creative in Bonzai Studio — Design view

The key messages are kept within the safe areas as shown above.

4. Can I change the creative properties from the page type settings?

Yes, you can adjust the creative’s properties from the Page Type Settings panel on the Properties pane. However, the default settings of the creative contain pre-specified values that are certified to work with different ad servers.

We recommend that you do not change the page type settings.

Properties pane

5. How do I use the reference PSD to build my creative for the Bonzai Studio?

On the reference PSD, you can get an instant preview from layer modification, the layout of the Desktop TruSkin format, Bonzai Studio canvas settings, the console preview of ad units required for DSP and SSP approvals.

To understand the creative better, refer to the PSD given below.

The following example displays the creative rendered on a website.

Sample creative — on large screen display and on laptop

Sample creative on scroll — on large screen display and on laptop

DSP & SSP console approvals (*Upcoming feature)

The following screenshot displays the console preview of the ad units on DSP and SSP.

DSP & SSP Console approvals — Programmatic

The following screenshot displays the design of the creative in Adobe Photoshop.

Creative design in Photoshop

6. How do I generate the ad tag of the creative?

You can generate tag for your creative from the Studio easily and effortlessly.

Here is an overview of the navigation path that you need to follow to complete the tag generation process.

Publish the creative -> Create a placement -> Generate tag by assigning the creative to the placement

To create a placement for the creative in the Desktop TruSkin format, select the No option under Supports iFrame.

Supports iframe - No


Post certification, if the structure of the site requires modification then it is recommended that you build another creative as per the required site.

Please get in touch with the Bonzai Customer Success Manager or the Bonzai Integration Manager, if you are facing any difficulty.

7. Who are the certified sites that support the Desktop TruSkin format?

In the Australian region, there are a number of sites which supports Desktop TruSkin.

To know more, please click the link given below.

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