Mobile TruSkin (MTS) Specs
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In the Mobile TruSkin format, the creative components (such as MREC, header, side skin, footer) are arranged as pages and appear on the Page menu.

Page menu

What you'll need to build a Mobile TruSkin

Here are the dimensions of the different pages in the Mobile Truskin:

The size of the header is 375(w) x 110(h) pixels.

The size of the side skin is 375(w) x 667(h) pixels.

The size of the footer is 355(w) x 100(h) pixels.

The size of the MREC is 300(w) x 250(h) pixels or the leaderboard is 320(w)x50(h) pixels.

Components of Mobile TruSkin

The serving container for the creative varies between publishers. The standard formats are MREC and Leaderboard banner.

To render the creative in a leaderboard banner, you can modify the width and height of the MREC to create a Leaderboard banner.

To understand the creative better, refer to the PSD given below.

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