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Frequently Asked Questions - Mobile TruSkin (MTS)
Frequently Asked Questions - Mobile TruSkin (MTS)
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1. How does the Mobile TruSkin format work?

With Mobile TruSkin, you can design the creative to appear as a frame around the publisher content area. You can add non-intrusive message on the mobile web page header, side skin, banner, and footer.

For example, on publisher page load, the header and the side skin of the creative appears. Browsing the page, the header goes out of view and the sticky footer appears. Scroll down the page, to view the MREC banner. When the ad content is designed on the leaderboard banner, the MREC banner is not visible.

Mobile TruSkin

2. How do I open the Mobile TruSkin in the Bonzai Studio?

To open a creative in the Mobile TruSkin format:

  1. On the Creative tab, click New Creative. The New Creative Screen appears.

  2. Search the format directly in the "Search Tab" or Click on High Impact Product.

    New Creative Screen

  3. Select the Mobile TruSkin Format option.

  4. On the form details, fill the creative details and click Build Creative. The Mobile TruSkin format appears on the workspace.

Tip: You can type the format name on the Size list box, the autocomplete dropdown enables you to find the format faster.

3. What are the default design specs of the Mobile TruSkin?

In the Mobile TruSkin format, you can design the creative components such as the side skin, header, and footer. On the Studio, the components are arranged as pages and appear on the Page menu.

Page menu

The size of the header is 375x110 pixels.

The size of the side skin is 375x667 pixels.

The size of the footer is 355x100 pixels.

The size of the MREC is 300x250 pixels or the leaderboard is 320x50 pixels.

On the canvas, the default page that appears for you to design is the MREC page banner.

The serving container for the creative varies between publishers. The standard formats are MREC and Leaderboard banner.

To render the creative in a leaderboard banner, you can modify the width and height of the MREC to create a Leaderboard banner.

On the Mobile TruSkin format, you can add video assets on the MREC banner only.

4. How do I use the reference PSD to build the creative with Mobile TruSkin format on the Bonzai Studio?

On the reference PSD, you can get a preview of the layout of the Mobile TruSkin format.

To understand the creative better, refer to the PSD given below.

5. How do I design the creative components of Mobile TruSkin format on the Bonzai Studio?

The creative design process in Bonzai Studio is consistent across all formats. To enrich the ad experience for the site visitors, certain elements are restricted on the canvas. Gallery, Photosphere, and Map elements are unavailable and cannot be used to design a creative in the Mobile TruSkin format.

On the Mobile TruSkin format, the components of the creative are arranged as pages in the Page menu.

On page load, the header of the creative appears. Timeline based animations should be placed on the header as transitions on other components appear before the components come in view. You can match the header with the side skin of the creative.

Header and Side skin design consideration

On the side skin, you can add image, text, and hotspots. The size of the skin is sufficient for you to add branding. We recommend you to avoid placement of creative message on the skin. Additionally, try to add abstract images and colors to the side skin instead of matching the side skin design with the footer.

On page load, the MREC banner is not in view initially. Timeline based animation would load with the page load. You need to design the animation of the creative components considering the ad in view state.

MREC page

The footer of the creative sticks to the bottom of the screen. The height of the footer is 100 pixels. The grey dashed line, visible on the footer layout creates a demarcation area. Content placed above the line appears with a break out effect. The content below the line blends in with the overall creative design.

Footer page — Grey dashed line

6. How do I add video in the creative with Mobile TruSkin format?

The creative composition workspace in Bonzai Studio enables you to work with multimedia assets(such as text, image, and video).

However, in Mobile TruSkin format, the video asset is restricted on the creative components such as Header, Side Skin, and Footer. The components are arranged as pages and accessible from the Pages menu. You can add video on the MREC banner.

On the Pages menu, when you add videos on pages (such as header, side skin, and footer) a warning icon and message appears. We recommend you to add videos on the standard MREC banner.

While working with videos on MREC or Leaderboard banner, we recommend you to do the following:

  • Position your video asset in the banner of the creative.

  • Video duration should be within 6 and 30 seconds.

  • Video aspect ratio should be either 4:3 or 16:9.

  • Video file should be encoded in the H.264 codec.

  • Video format supported is MP4 format.

  • Video file size:

    • For programmatic creative's, the maximum video file size allowed on DSPs is 5 megabytes (MB).

    • Across publishers, the maximum video file size supported is 2 megabytes (MB). Please check with your publisher on the optimal video file size.

    • On the Studio, the maximum video file size is 20 megabytes (MB) per video.

7. Who are the certified sites that supports the Mobile TruSkin format?

In the Australian region, there are a number of sites which supports Mobile TruSkin.

To know more, please click the link given below.

In case there’s a site which is not appearing in the above list then please reach out to to initiate the certification.

Bonzai enables the serving of the Mobile TruSkin from two serving containers specified by each certified publisher. The certification list contains the serving details.

  1. 320x50

  2. 300x250

Further, Bonzai enables serving of the Mobile TruSkin in the following three buying environments. The certified setups are given in the certification list.

  1. PMP (Private marketplace)

  2. PG (Programmatic Guaranteed)

  3. Direct on the publisher

Private Marketplace (or, PMP) is an invitation-only auction where one publisher or a select number of publishers invite a select number of buyers to bid on its inventory. The parties in PMP includes Publisher Ad Server, Publisher SSP, and DSP.

Programmatic guaranteed method uses automation to enable ad buyers access specific publisher audiences to target for a campaign on a larger scale.

Direct on the publisher involves liaising, human negotiations, and manual insertion orders with each individual publisher that is desired on a media plan.

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