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Portal is responsive and optimized to run across desktop, mobile, and tablet. In case you wish to design separate layouts for different screens, you can use the following

PSDs as a reference.

Desktop Portal

The Desktop Portal format enables you to design your creative for the Desktop screens.

Click the following link to download and get an instant preview of your creative in Desktop Portal format.

Mobile Portal

Using the Mobile Portal format, you can optimize your creative design for the mobile screens.

Refer to the Mobile Portal PSD given below to get live feedback on your creative's design.

Tablet Portal

In order to design your creative for the screens of tablet devices, you can use the Tablet Portal.

Refer to the Tablet Portal reference PSD to understand and design your creative accordingly.

Abridged Portal

Abridged Portal works similar to the Desktop Portal with an additional tweak to the format dimension. The decreased dimension allows you to target desktop screens with lower screen dimensions.

To understand the abridged portal better, refer to the PSD given below.

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