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On the All Creatives page, you can design, analyse, preview, clone, publish, test creative variants, and view Creatives.

On the Creatives tab, you can:

  1. View your creatives

  2. View archived creatives

  3. Add a new creative

  4. Search creative by name or creative ID

  5. Filter creative by Brands, Campaigns, Format, Platform, and Created By

To view creative

  1. On the Studio account, click the Creatives tab. The All Creatives page appears.

All Creative page

Creative details appear as a scrollable list item that displays the creative information.

Creative Information

On the creative list item, you can:

  1. Edit creative name

  2. View creative info

  3. View associated campaign

  4. Edit the creative in Canvas (* For Admin and Designer)

  5. Analyse the creative (* For Admin and Analyst)

  6. Preview Creative or get the creative preview link to share with your team

  7. Clone Creative

  8. Publish creative

  9. A/B Test creative

  10. Modify the creative settings

  11. Archive creative

Admin, Trafficker, or Designer can create, clone, publish, A/B Test, and edit Creatives.
Only an Admin or a Designer can build or design the creative in Canvas.

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