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Archive Creative
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You can archive your creative to organize your past creative, or move a creative from the All Creative page.

To archive creative

1. On the All Creatives page, hover over the required creative and click

2. Click on

The Archive Creative dialog box appears.

3. Type ARCHIVE in the box.

4. Click on

To work on an archived creative, you need to unarchive the creative.

Frequently Asked Questions — Creative Archive

What happens to archived creative?
Archived creatives cant be edited on the canvas. Further, you won't be able to generate new tags for the archived creative.

What happens when I archive a live and serving creative?
The existing tags of the archived creative does not get affected and runs normally. Live data of an archived creative is captured.

Can I view analytics of archived creatives?
Yes. There’s no impact on the creative's analytics.

How do I select multiple creatives in Studio for archiving?
In Studio, you can select multiple creative and archive them at once.

  1. Hover over the creative's thumbnail and click on it to select the creative.

Creative selection

2. Click on Select All. to select all creatives.

3. Click on

to archive all of the selected creatives.

Archive multiple creatives

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