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Manage Team
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Teams are a group of people who'll work together on the different creative's for a brand.

To view your team

  1. On the People tab, click the Teams tab. The Teams view appears.

On the Teams tab, you can:

  1. Create a New Team

  2. Filter team by People and Brands

  3. Search Teams

  4. Sort the teams by team name

  5. Add a team to all brands

  6. More options to modify or remove team

To add your team to all brands

  1. On the Teams view, click on slider. The Add to All brands pop up appears.

  2. Click on

To modify the team

  1. Click on

    and then click on settings. The General Settings view appears.

  2. Type the team name.

  3. Click on upload to add an image.

  4. Click Save Changes.

To delete the team

  1. Click on

    and then click

    The Delete Team pop up box appears.

  2. Type DELETE in the box.

  3. Click Delete.

Deletion of a team does not delete the people in the team. You need to deactivate people to remove people.

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