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Engagement Tracker
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Engagement Tracker enables you to monitor the audience reaction on multiple call to action in the creative. You can track your creative's performance using custom trackers as well.

For example, in a creative there is a call to action namely Explore Now button.

Sample creative designed with call to action

Engagement trackers on the button separately track audience response on your creative.

You can add five engagement trackers in a placement.

To work with engagement tracker

  1. Navigate to the Engagement Tracker tab.

    Engagement Tracker tab β€” Add New Placement

  2. On the Engagement Tracker tab, to set up the tracker, perform the following actions:

    1. Type your tracker name and select the click tracker type.

    2. Type the tracker code in the Tracker Code box.

Click Continue to save the details.

Currently, you can add Engagement Trackers to creative built using Canvas 1.

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