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Understand Tags
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Tags or an ad tag is a code written in HTML that helps to display an ad, using a third-party ad server. You can get the code from an agency or generate it yourself from your ad server tools.

Bonzai Tag

Bonzai tag is a JavaScript code block that contains the instruction about the creative. It also contains the details of the ad network, trackers, and macros.

On execution, the tag:

  • Downloads the creative

  • Displays and renders the creative

  • Notifies third parties on Impression, Clicks, and Engagements

Desktop/Mobile Web tag and an Application tag

Bonzai creatives are compatible with desktop browsers and render seamlessly in a native application.

Majority of the application developers embed applications with AD Network's SDKs. When you select the Application option on the tag generation view, it ensures that the creative adheres to the MRAID functionality (such as Ad expansion and opening a landing page inside the native application environment).

Some ad exchanges do not accept creative tag embedded in an iframe of a native application.

We recommend that you turn off the friendly iframe option before you flight your creative on Ad Network or exchanges.

Please reach out to your Ad Server to understand the iframe usage policy.

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