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A campaign needs at least one placement to generate tag.

On Studio, you can generate tags for:

  • Single Placement - To map one placement to one or more creatives

  • Multiple Placements - To map multiple placements to one creative

Therefore, the two possible mapping cardinalities are as follows:

  1. One to many (1:M)

  2. Many to one (M:1)

To generate tag map placements to creatives

  1. Open the desired campaign and click on the Get Tag button.

  2. On the Select Creative view, select the type of placement.

  3. Map the placement(s) with the creative(s).

  4. Click Continue to view the generated tag.

The generated tag appears on the Get Tag view.

Generated tags in Get Tag view

On the Get Tag view, the generated tags appear as a list.

Generated Tag

On the list item, you can:

  1. View the placement mapped to the creative

  2. View the placement platform

  3. Click on the list to view the generated tag

  4. Export the desired tag

  5. Copy the tag to the clipboard

You can click on the list to view the generated tag.

Generated Tag β€” Expanded View

Inside the tag, you'll get information such as tag generation timestamp, campaign name, creative name, device name, format name, environment, network, placement, and the tag code.

When you hover over the generated tag, you can click on the Export button to export the tag or click on the Copy To Clipboard button to copy the tag to the clipboard.

Click Export All to export multiple tag files in a zip file.

You can only export tags in plain text files.

To view exported tags

  1. Navigate to the location of the exported tags.

  2. The zip file name has the campaign name and the tag generation timestamp.

    Exported Tags on local disk

  3. Unzip the file to view the tag files.

    Tag files

The tag file name is generated from the placement name, ad network, and platform of the creative.

Tag file naming convention


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