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Frequently Asked Questions - Analytics
Frequently Asked Questions - Analytics
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What types of reports do you offer?
We offer reports to monitor Brand Performance, Campaign Performance, Creative Performance, Format Insights, Elements Insights, Engagement Reports, and Video Insights.

Where can I find the report?
You can get the reports on your Studio's Analytics page.

How often does the data get updated?
Reports are updated every 90 minutes with the latest data.

How can I export data from the platform?
From Bonzai Analytics, you can export report for Brands, Campaigns, Creatives and more. You can export the report in Excel file format.

What type of metrics do you offer?
Bonzai offers basic and advanced metrics for entities, such as Brands, Campaigns, Creatives, Placements, Videos, etc.
The metrics include Impressions, Click through, Engagement, First Interactions, Time Spent and more. To know more, refer to Metrics.

How do I get access to the historical data?
You get access to the data generated in the past year. If you require data older than a year, please contact our Support team at

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