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Once the creative variants are set up, you can use rules to target users behavior, location, language, physical environment, and other options.

To add rule

  1. On the Creative Set view, click + New Rule.

  2. Type the rule name and select the search criteria from the list to set up your strategy.

    Note: You can add more than one signal to your rule. The available signals are:

  • Audience

  • Location

  • Weather

    • Temperature

    • Rain

    • Snow

    • Cloud

    • Sunny

    • Windy

    • Humidity

    • Pressure

  • Dayparting

  • Language

  • Device

  • Operating System

On the Rules page, the rules or programmatic strategies appear on the left pane. The right pane displays the creative variants and provides you with options to create a new creative variant.

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