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Social Display
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Social Display is a new product addition to the Bonzai platform. This mobile-first product lets you run a social media creative in the Display inventory.

Product Specs

Format: MREC

Dimensions: Fixed width: 300px

Min. height: 250 px

Max height: Dynamic

Social Channels: Facebook, Instagram

Media: Image / Video

Device: Mobile

You can access this product on the ‘New Creative’ screen along with the rest of the Bonzai products. Select the format and add creative details like you would build any other creative.

You will then be redirected to the UI to build your Social Display creative.

There are 2 ways you can build a Social Display creative in the Bonzai platform:

A. One Click

The One Click route works only for public/organic posts from a public brand page. For all other kinds of posts, you will have to build the creative via 'Custom' route (details below).

  1. Go to the brand page on the desired social channel.

  2. Select the post you want to convert into a Social Display creative.

  3. Copy the link and paste in the Bonzai platform under ‘Social Post Link’

  4. Customise the CTA and add a click-through URL

  5. You also have the creative control over the media imported from the social post.

  6. You can now preview the creative and when happy with it, save, publish and generate a tag to flight the campaign.

B. Custom

The custom route to build creatives is a provision made for sponsored posts or paid social ads that sometimes also appear as 'Paid Partnership' from social channels. In this route, you will have to upload all the assets manually.

  1. Select the Network Type (Facebook / Instagram)

  2. Brand logo: Add Image from assets panel.

  3. Brand Name: Type in the name for your brand.

  4. Brand Click-through URL: Paste the URL to redirect user to the brand social media page

  5. Media: Select the Video/Image from assets panel.

  6. Caption Text: Copy and paste the post description from the sponsored post.

  7. Social Actions: These will redirect the user to the brand click through URL entered earlier.

  8. CTA: Customise the CTA

  9. Click-through URL: Paste the URL to redirect users to a desired page.


Q. Does the ad dynamically update if the original post is updated?

A. Our team is working very hard to bring you this functionality. It will be in the platform very soon.

Q. Can I paste a link from Facebook Ads Library?

A. No. The Bonzai platform accepts links in the format - id number

A link from FB Ads Library looks like this - which will not be recognised by the platform. To build a Social Display creative of a sponsored post from the Ads Library you will have to take the Custom route in the Bonzai platform.

Q. What if a URL doesn’t work?

A. Make sure that the page and post is public. Be sure to copy the link completely and correctly. If it doesn’t work, try liking the page and then using the link. If all this doesn’t work please let us know and we’ll look into it. Please check that the link you're trying to paste is not a sponsored or paid post.

Q. What is the best way to copy a URL / get assets?

A. Facebook -

For organic posts, simply copy the URL of the specific post from the browser bar. You can also right-click on the timestamp of the post and select ‘Copy Link Address’.

For sponsored posts you will need to download the assets from the Ads Library for an active post.

Instagram -

Click on the post you want to adapt on the brand page. Click on the ‘three dots’ and select ‘Copy Link’ from the pop up.


  1. Maximum file size for videos is 20MB. A post with a long video with file size more than 20MB might render incorrectly.

  2. A creative with a video will take a while to complete transcoding. Do not preview the creative before the video has been completely transcoded as it might cause the creative to render incorrectly. The platform will prompt you when the creative is ready to preview.

  3. A URL of a carousel post will render incorrectly. We will be adding this functionality soon.

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