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Integrated Social Display
Integrated Social Display
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With Bonzai’s Integrated Social Display you can seamlessly convert your social media post into our most popular High Impact format, ScrollX.

As ScrollX format from Bonzai Studio enables you to build the full-screen nonintrusive creative or ad.

The format stitches itself with the publisher content and appears naturally when a user scrolls down on a web page. Initially, when the page loads, the publisher content appears. On page scroll, the publisher content slides up to reveal the creative.

Why is the ScrollX Page Size set default to 320 x 480?

The Canvas page for ScrollX opens up with a dimension of 320 x 480px.

This is because 320 x 480 is the lowest screen size to cater for. So, if the design created can be made to fit in this size, once the assets are brought in separately, then you know the ad will render properly for the lower screens as well.

Product Specs

Format: ScrollX

Dimensions: 320px X 480px

Width: 320 px

Height: 480 px

Social Channels: Facebook, Instagram

Media: Image

Max Media: Instagram = 10; Facebook = 4

Media Behaviour: Image is set to “ Expand to Fill ” (i.e Image will fill in the whole container)

Device: Mobile

You can access this product on the ‘New Creative’ screen along with the rest of the Bonzai products. Select the Social Display product, then select format name “Integrated Social Display” and add creative details like you would build any other creative.

You will then be redirected to the UI to build your Integrated Social Display creative.

A direct social story cannot be converted to ISD. Any organic post can be converted in the story format.

You can build an Integrated Social Display creative in the Bonzai platform:

One Click

The One Click route works only for public/organic posts from a public brand page. For all other kinds of posts, you will have to build the creative via 'Custom' route (coming soon).

  1. Go to the brand page on the desired social channel.

  2. Select the post you want to convert into an Integrated Social Display creative.

  3. Copy the link and paste in the Bonzai platform under ‘Social Post Link’

  4. Customize the CTA and add a click-through URL

  5. You can now preview the creative and when you’re happy with it, save, publish and it’s ready for tag generation.


Q. What is the interaction like?

A. There is transition after 5 secs to the next image also, user has control to go next or back.

Q. After the last image what happens?

A. The story will play in a loop, it will re-start from the 1st image.

Q. Can you crop/scale media?

A. Not in the current version but you will be able to soon.


Video Posts won't work in ISD for now (coming soon).

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