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How do I set roles for my users in Studio?
How do I set roles for my users in Studio?
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In Bonzai Studio, you can control the access for an individual user.

A user or member in Studio can be either :

  • Administrator or Admin

  • User

Role Description

Admin has access to all the components of Bonzai Studio. The key areas of access for the admin user are:

  • Workspace

    • Assign campaigns to users and teams

    • Create trafficking Tags

    • Manage permissions

  • User Management

    • Add/Onboard New Users

    • Deactivate Users

  • Team Management

    • Create New Team and Add Team Members

    • Delete Team

  • Analytics

    • View all reports for an account

    • Download all reports for an account

  • Update Account Settings

A user can use Studio with the access privileges granted by the Studio admin. Each user role is capable of performing actions exclusive of another user role. A user in Studio can have any of the following roles:

An analyst can view the creative analytics in Studio. The analyst can measure the Brand or Campaign performance and prepare reports.

A trafficker can manage the campaign, creative, and placement of the account. They have complete control over the workflow module to perform:

  • Create Campaign, Creative, Placement, and Tag

  • Edit Campaign, Placement, and Tag

  • Archive Placement

Note: A trafficker cannot access the Canvas.

Users can build the creative on the Canvas and map the creative to a campaign.

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