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Vertical Video specification & recommendations
Vertical Video specification & recommendations
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Image reference:


The Canvas page for ScrollX opens up with a dimension of 320 x 480px, even though the recommended design specs are 375 x 667 (750 x 1334 px).


Aspect ratio:

  • The image depicts a 9:16 aspect ratio video frame, which is a common standard for vertical videos.

  • Briefly mention that other aspect ratios like 4:3 and 16:9 are also supported depending on the platform.

Safe areas: Include the dimensions of the safe areas based on the image, which will help avoid content being obscured by platform overlays, these might vary slightly depending on the platform.

Content placement: Place the main content, such as text, logos, or calls to action, within the safe areas.

Additional Recommendations:

While working with vertical videos, keep these pointers in mind:

  • Video duration: Aim for videos between 6 and 30 seconds long to keep viewers engaged.

  • Video aspect ratio: While the image shows 9:16 aspect ratios are commonly used for vertical videos depending on the platform.

  • Video codec: Encode your video in H.264 codec for better compatibility.

  • Video format: Use MP4 format for broad platform support.

  • Video file size:

    • Programmatic creatives: The maximum file size allowed on platforms (DSPs) is 4 megabytes (MB).

    • Publishers: The maximum file size supported by publishers can vary. Check with your specific publisher for optimal size recommendations.

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