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This guide will walk you through using the "Add to Calendar" feature within the Events Panel.

Navigate to the Events Panel within the Bonzai Platform in the right panel.

Select the Event:

Choose the specific event "Click/Tap" from the dropdown.

Select an Action:

Locate the "Add to the calendar event" from the drop-down options.

Fill in Event Details:

  • Title: Enter a clear and concise title for your event.

  • Location: In the designated field, provide the expected location of the event.

Set Time and Date:

  • Time Zone: Choose the appropriate time zone for the event.

  • Start Date & Time: Select the exact date and starting time for the event.

  • End Date & Time: Define the ending date and time for the event.

Once all details are filled in, click the "Add" button to add the event to your calendar.

Your "Add to Calendar" event is now successfully created!

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