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When working on design mockups using Bonzai PSD templates, having the ability to seamlessly move files between Photoshop and Bonzai Canvas can save designers a lot of time and effort.

Edit, animate, and scale up your PSD files now directly into Bonzai Canvas.

How to Upload a PSD File

  1. Click on New Creative.

  2. Select the desired high-impact format.

  3. Fill the creative details

  4. Click on Build Creative

  5. On Canvas > Go to Assets panel.

  6. Click on Upload PSD File.

  7. Locate the file on your local storage.

  8. Click Upload.

  9. The PSD will open in the Bonzai Canvas.

Step-by-step guided Video

Requirements & Recommendations

Here's what you need to do (Requirements):

  • Use the right file format: Only PSD (Bonzai templates). Make sure the file isn't corrupted and has the correct extension (.psd).

  • Use a recent Photoshop version: Only Adobe Photoshop 2017 or newer works.

  • Keep your layers simple: Avoid using fancy tools like shapes, blending modes, or layer styles.

  • Main layers naming: Avoid renaming layers marked in green.

Here's what's best to avoid (Recommendations):

  • Uploading too many images at once: Stick to 10 for faster processing.

  • Keeping unused layers: Delete them for a smoother experience.

  • Uploading giant files: Your images will be resized to save space.

  • Renaming layers: Keep the original names for easier identification.

Points To Note:

  1. Only Bonzai's own PSD templates are supported in Bonzai Canvas.

  2. Access to all Bonzai PSD templates is available in the Help Articles.

  3. Original File Remains Untouched: The first time you upload a PSD file, it's likely stored as-is on the Bonzai system in the Assets panel.

  4. Multiple Upload: When you upload a new PSD file to an existing file, the new file replaces the older assets in canvas.

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