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Enhancements - May 23, 2019
Enhancements - May 23, 2019
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Creative Recovery

We've introduced a feature to retrieve unsaved changes made to a creative. If a creative has been amended and the browser is shut or crashes, without the creative being saved, then the next time the creative is opened, the user is prompted that a more recent version is detected. User can choose to retrieve this latest version and then save it or discard it, forever.

Alert shown for creative recovery

Reporting - Filtered CTR

You can now easily access the summary based on the date range, displayed at the top of the screen. Moreover, we've introduced a new metric called the 'Filtered CTR'.

New data summary & Filtered CTR(%)

Filtered CTR is the recalculated Click Through Rate (CTR) value after clearing out any invalid clicks. Our Invalid Click Detection system works by tracking clicks as a combination of IP address and Device. The system marks any combination of IP address and Device as invalid with varying degree of confidence based upon the number of clicks received from this combination per hour/day/week.

Please Note:

  • If the date range selected is from before May 19, 2019, the 'Filtered CTR' value will show as 'N/A'.

  • Only for a date range which starts from or post May 19, 2019, will you see the value populated.

  • Most likely, the CTR & Filtered CTR values would be the same.

  • If you do see a huge variation, do not be alarmed. You could reach out to your account manager and we could help you with more information about it.

Scroll Based Animation

We've introduced scroll based animation. You can read more about this here:

Preview Screen

We've introduced a 'Full-screen' mode for desktop preview. This allows you to view the creative on your laptop/desktop screen as opposed the simulated screen available right now.

Full-screen view

Also, we've redesigned the place-holder mobile site which you would see while viewing mobile creatives.

New mobile placeholder site design
Also, with regards to the mobile preview which you can access via scanning the QR code, you will see the new mobile place holder site design. Along with this, to enable testing of creatives with 'Scroll based animations', we've introduced the option to change the position of the creative. This would be visible only for 'Banner' and 'Expandable' formats, as the scroll is applicable only for the 'Banner' page types.

Option to change position

Blis Macro Update

Based on a directive from Blis Media, we have gone ahead and updated the specified macros. Also, we will soon remove the previous listing of Blis network as requested. Currently you will see this appended with 'deprecated'.

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