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On the All Campaign page, you can create, clone, search, sort, filter and view Campaigns.

On the Campaigns tab, you can:

  1. View your campaigns

  2. Add a new campaign

  3. Search campaign by name or associated label

  4. Filter campaign by Brands, Platform, and Created By

  5. Sort campaign by Campaign Name

  6. Associate People and Teams to the campaign

  7. Modify the campaign settings

To view campaign

  1. On the Studio account, click the Campaigns tab. The All Campaigns page appears.

All Campaigns page

To filter or focus on the campaign

  1. On the All Campaigns page, click on

    The Filters view appears.


2. Select the required from the filter names.

3. Click on

The campaign appears as a scrollable list item that displays the campaign information.

Campaign information

On the campaign list item, you can:

  1. View images used in the associated creatives

  2. View Campaign Name

  3. View last updated time of a campaign

  4. View creation date and by whom the campaign was created

  5. View number of creatives in the campaign

  6. View number of placements in the campaign

  7. View or add Campaign Duration

  8. View associated Brand

  9. View or add Planned Impressions for the campaign

Only an Admin or a Trafficker can create a Campaign.

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