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Add a New Campaign
Add a New Campaign
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A campaign acts as strategies to add creatives to deliver the right message to the audience.

To create a new campaign

  1. On the All Campaigns page, click on New Campaign.

    The New Campaign dialog box appears.

New Campaign dialog box

2. Type the name of the campaign in the Campaign Name box.

3. Select the brand from the Brand list.

4. Click on the calendar to select the start and end day of the Campaign Duration. *This is an optional field.

  • Select the Ongoing option for a campaign with no end date.

5. Type the estimated impression details in the Planned Impressions box. *This is an optional field.

Planned Impressions are impression the advertiser plans to consume for a campaign. Add comma separator for multiple labels.

6. Type the label name in the Labels box. *This is an optional field.

Label acts as a tag to identify the campaign. Add comma separator for multiple labels.

7. Click on Add Campaign.

The new campaign appears on the All Campaigns page.

The creative image in the campaign appears as the campaign image.
When a creative is unavailable in a campaign, a default image appears for the campaign.

Here's an example:

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