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Create a New Placement
Create a New Placement
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A placement is where the creative is shown on live websites, such as on different publisher site on a mobile device or on a desktop.

On Studio, to define the placement, the associated actions are divided into three broad tasks. The tasks are:

  1. Set up placement
    Here you specify the placement details such as Placement Name, Placement ID, Network, Platform, Z-index, Click Trackers, Click-through URL, and third-party macros such as Served Impression Trackers, Rendered Impression Trackers, IAS and MOAT Viewable Script.

  2. Work with Engagement Trackers *Only for creatives built on Canvas 1
    You can add up to five additional custom trackers.

To create a new placement

  1. On the Studio, click the Campaigns tab. The All Campaign page appears.

  2. Click New and click Placement. The New Placement section appears.

  3. On the Basic tab, set up the placement details.

  4. On the Network Macros tab, click the required option to count the macro as Click-Through or First Interaction.

  5. To track multiple engagements on the creative, work with engagement tracker.

  6. Click Add Placement.

The new placement appears under the Placements subtab in the selected campaign.

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