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When you create a feed, you're creating an inventory of products or services that you can use in your dynamic creative. You can adjust the frequency of the feed updates to update the creative every minute.

To create a dynamic creative with feed

  1. On the Bonzai Studio home page, click the Campaigns tab and click the campaign. The Campaign view appears.

  2. Click + New and click Feed. The New Feed view appears.

  3. On the New Feed view, type the Feed Name, the Source URL and select the Source Type.
    Note: Field validation is performed for Source URL and Source Type values. You cannot select a Source URL with a different Source Type.
    In Studio, feeds in Excel spreadsheet files are non-compatible. You can select the source type as JSON, XML, RSS, or ATOM.
    In case your feed is in an Excel spreadsheet file, we’ll convert it to a JSON file. Please send your feed to the Bonzai CS team for conversion to JSON file.

  4. Select the Frequency to update the feed.
    Note: Frequency refers to the occurrence of feed update in the dynamic creative.
    Studio automatically sends requests to the URL to find the difference between the existing feed and the latest feed to update the feed with the difference.
    Feed frequency value can be between one minute and three months.

  5. Select the category of the feed.
    Note: The available feed categories are Travel, E-Commerce, Auto, Product Listing, and Others.

  6. Click Continue. The Select Attributes view appears.

  7. On the Select Attributes view, click the checkbox to select the new attributes to display on the rendered ad.
    Note: Attributes are not auto-selected by default.

  8. Click Save Changes.

  9. To map the feed attributes with the Bonzai attributes. Select the feed attributes from Select a Bonzai Attribute list.
    Note: Bonzai feed attributes available to map with feed attributes are as follows:

    • Audience Segment,

    • CTA,

    • Day of Week, Start Date, Start Time, End Date, End Time,

    • Exit URL, Hot Spot, Image,

    • Key Value,

    • Location, Location.City, Location.Country, Location.State, Location.Zip,

    • Temperature (Weather)

    • Text

    To know more about targeting with feed attributes, refer to Targeting in Dynamic Creative.

  10. Select Text Input, Targeting Criteria, and Text Input & Targeting Criteria from the Use list.
    Note: By default, some attributes take text or targeting criteria as input.
    You can select the Location attribute as text input as well as targeting criteria.
    Values from feed appear as data in the creative and can also be used as criteria to display personalized ads.

  11. Click Save.

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