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Note for Tag Implementation
Note for Tag Implementation
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Tag serving details as follows -

  • Desktop TruSkin - Can be flighted from top ad slot - could be a leaderboard or billboard.

  • Mobile TruSkin - If the sites have a sticky ad then request you to flight it from there, else it can be flighted from the MREC.

  • Scrollx - Any MREC in the middle (around half-way through the page) of the site to get the perfect view.

  • Portal - As Portal is primarily a scroll-based format, we suggest serving from the middle slot of the page with respect to following sizes and devices.

    • Desktop: Leaderboard (728x90), Billboard and Horizontal Middle Page Unit (MPU)

    • Tablet: Leaderboard (728x90), Billboard and Horizontal Middle Page Unit (MPU)

    • Mobile: MREC and Middle Page Unit (MPU)

At the first instance, these formats may not look aligned on your site, we'll configure the settings once we get the test links. This integration is a one-time activity and we only need to revisit this if the site structure is updated.

Here are the preview links showcasing how these formats render on your sites -

Our Integration Team will be happy to answer any further questions that you may have. You can write to us at -

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